Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Redefining Manufacturing Operation Performance through the application of innovation & technology to make SYSTEM SMART.

Fun to Use:
User Interface

Ergonomic Design for Intuitive interface

Efficiency Map

Fun to Use Tooling for End Users

Fresh Design Thinking

Improvement focused quantitative study

Scientific approach to concept design

New ideas to find innovative solutions

Co-Create Solution

End user engagement for the best configuration.

Detail scrutiny of options.

Gated process of concept finalisation.

Detail Engineering & Analysis

Details engineered to perfection

FEA for product safety and life

Ease of Manufacturing to ensure optimum cost

Quality Workmanship

Attention to finest detail to ensure every design idea is perfectly implemented in tool

Lean manufacturing practice for right first time, speed and economy

Installation & Training

On Site Installation & calibration

Standard Operating Procedures

Training of your End Users to maximise design value of tooling

User Experience Focused Fresh Design Thinking to make Tooling Fun to Use.


Metallic and Composite

Component Machining Fixtures

Component Inspection Fixtures-(ICY)

Composite Layup Tooling

Composite Trimming & Drilling Fixtures

Assembly & Ground Support

Aircraft Engine Assembly Tooling

Structure Sub Assembly Jigs

Aircraft Maintenance Tooling

Engine Maintenance & Transport Tooling

Investment Casting

Aircraft Structural Part Casting Tooling

Turbine & Engine Blade Casting Wax Tooling

Wax Pattern & Core Manipulation Tooling

Medical Application Implant Tooling


Tooling Design and Manufacturing

Project Management

Dedicated Project and Risk Management Team

Execution Planing

Real-time execution planing and monitoring

Design and FEA

Detail Design and Finite Element Analysis


5-axis machining of hard metal and aluminium

Welding & Fabrication

Mig and Tig welding and fabrication

Special Processes

NADCAP approved Special Processes supply chain

Assembly & Test

Assembly, Calibration and Testing of Tooling


OEM approved CMM and Laser tracker capability