Best Cost Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing Process expertise and Tooling Capabilities enables our India based Manufacturing Business to deliver exceptional value to our global clients. Inspire One, our manufacturing facility is designed on lean and Industry 4.0 principles.

Program Planning & Management

Program Objective

Economic Model

Optimum balance of CapEX vs OpEX

Manufacturing Strategy

New Product Introduction

Shorter NPI lead through our RapidNPI process

Parallel development of Fixtures and Tooling

Part Production

Build Rate production of parts and sub assemblies

AOG & Rapid Response for urgent one off requirements

Assembly & Kitting

Sourcing of BOI and Standard parts globally

Assembly and Kitting to OEM specifications

Kanban Stock Management

International Delivery

Logistics process via sea and air

International delivery

Local stock for reduced risk

Annual Cost Improvement

Overall Production Effectiveness (OPE)

Upgrade technology and process

Efficiency gains and improve economics performance

Experience Intelligent Manufacturing in Action.


Precision Components and Assembly

Aircraft Engine Components

Super Alloy precision aero engine components requiring high level of accuracy and consistency.

Actuation Systems Components

Actuator bodies requiring fine tolerance centre distance and exceptional surface finish.

Structural Components

Prismatic aluminium and hard metal structural components made through 3 to 5 axis machining process.


Machining, Special Processes & Sub Assembly

Project Management

Dedicate Project and Risk Management Team.

Production Planning

Real-time production planning and monitoring.

Raw Material

Global supply chain of aerospace spec.materials.


5-axis machining of hard metal and aluminium.

Welding & Fabrication

Mig and Tig welding and fabrication.

Special Processes

NADCAP approved Special Processes supply chain.


Sub assembly of fittings and small components.


OEM approved CMM and Laser tracker team.