About Us

We are a team of designers, developers, engineers and craftsmen coming from diverse backgrounds and nationalities with a wide range of skills, interests and expertise. At Jaivel, every project brings different problems to solve, and we build bespoke solutions for each. All of us propel our expertise in substantially improving performance of advanced manufacturing programs through our passion for innovation and attention to the finest details. Our team’s relentless pursuit to cut through complexity to offer simplified and intuitive solutions has inspired the trust of global 100 clients.
We spend significant resources on learning and development of our teammates. To compliment the same, we have a fantastic infrastructure to enable us to do our best work. We do not criticise failure, we explore new ideas and learn from the mistakes. We go the extra mile to surpass client expectations, sometimes our days do get stretched in the pursuit of a solution.

We work with Top Performers in the world

Our innovation and technologies are used in class leading platforms across advanced engineering sectors.

Aerospace & Defence

Automobile & Motorsports


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People who thrive and grow in our ecosystem possess

Passion for our Vision

To Transform Lives and To Transform Manufacturing

New Ideas

Initiative and courage to explore new ideas.


Meticulous to the finest detail in everything that you do


Clear understanding of subject fundamentals.


Clear and concise written & verbal communication as well as presentation skills

Self Learner

Continuous self-learner of new subjects and topics and apply in work.

Pro Active

Ability to rollup sleeves in time of need and support fellow team members.

No Follow Up

Take ownership of the tasks and aligns work pattern to the priority.


Our people drive there own economic growth

Clear Job Descriptions

Our job descriptions are meticulously detailed to leave no ambiguity in the role and responsibilities that each job encompasses.


Our remuneration structure for all positions is openly shared with all team members, empowering them to chart their growth path.

Learn & Apply

Develop & execute your learning plan. Effective application of knowledge gained in your work will fast-track your economic growth.

You Drive Your Growth

When you are ready to take next step, present your KPI performance to your leader. This replaces a conventional annual salary appraisal.


Insight to help you best prepare for our selection process.

Job Description

This document contains all facts about the job role.

A Professional CV

We like a clear and concise CV that is 3 page at most.

Prepare Questions

Prepare insightful questions that you want answers to.


Clear understanding of subject fundamentals.

Your Journey

Take us through the major turning points in your life. Any successes or failures?

Practice S.T.A.R.

Understand and apply the S.T.A.R. method to answer interview questions.


We like applicants who present their journey creatively.

Be Yourself

Our assessments are an opportunity for you to show the best of yourself.