• Jaivel Aerospace’s new Integrated Aerospace Design and Manufacturing Facility receives As9100 RevD Certification.
  • World-Class infrastructure to design and make Smart Jigs, Fixtures and Tooling for Advanced Manufacturing applications.
  • The facility will support leading global aerospace and advanced engineering customers.

Ahmedabad, January 21, 2020 – Today, Jaivel Aerospace’s new Integrated Aerospace Design and Manufacturing Facility receives As9100 RevD Certification.

Moving swiftly upon the facility’s formal launch in October 2019, the Jaivel quality team worked with the AS9100 certification organisation to align quality management systems to new infrastructure and complete this audit process.

Jaivel’s COO, Kalpesh Manek said, “Speedy recertification of our new facility will ensure the continuity of supply to our global aerospace customers. Also, this will enable us to bring our new facility to operate to it’s full potential.”

Quality Management System

We conceptualised our approach to quality in 1999. Being early adaptors of digital technology in business processes. Today, our paperless quality management system is co-created by every team member and it continues to evolve in real-time as we integrate technology and set ambitious goals for ourselves.

AS9100 & Customer Standards

We aligned our quality management system to AS9100 aerospace quality standards in 2008, we continue to pass audits with flying colours from certification agencies and customers. Over time, we have also incorporated SABRe from Rolls-Royce and DPD/MBD & Special Tooling standards from The Boeing Company in to our quality management system.

Inspire One – Jaivel Aerospace’s India Facility

About Jaivel Aerospace

Jaivel Aerospace is a manufacturing technology organisation with expertise in substantially improving performance of advanced manufacturing programs. We are a team of designers, developers, engineers and craftsmen that build Processes and Tooling that are Fun to Use for front line workers.

The winning combination of our Process and Tooling businesses apply technology and innovation to improve performance of your manufacturing operations, whereas our Manufacturing business offers the option to give us full responsibility of making your product.

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