Taking Off (or just Approaching the Runway)

For those of you that regularly read our newsletter, TechnoVation, you may well remember in issue 2 of 2010 an article written by our CEO Vipul Vachhani, in which he celebrated the first anniversary of the newsletter. His editorial was titled “Approaching the Runway”.

Approaching the Runway

In that piece he mentioned the challenging times of the previous financial year and Jaivel’s proactive investments into our internal System developments, quality accreditations, software investment and training. The decision to continue and do all those things, I can now reveal, was a stroke of genius! Jaivel is now reaping the rewards of that foresight as the market climbs out of recession.

The challenges facing us now are somewhat different to those of a year or so ago but still require managing correctly to help us and our customers move to the next level. Having drawn your attention to the comments Vipul made in issue 2 my comment now is simply to say, we at Jaivel are no longer “Approaching the Runway” but are truly racing down it and ready for take-off.

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