Super Sonic Car Gets Moving

Earlier this year the official design handover for the Upper and Lower Chassis of the BLOODHOUND SSC took place at the Hampson Engineering facility in Wigan, Lancashire. A select team of representatives from “Product Sponsors” involved with the development of the car were in attendance along with, as part of the educational programme, a large number of school children from local schools.


The event was covered by National and local press including BBC TV local news. The opportunity to try out the simulator was an opportunity too good to be missed (once the excited and newly motivated children had vacated the drivers’ seat).


Finished Parts…….

Since the design handover back in February of this year staff at Jaivel have been busy generating a number of CNC programs for manufacturing parts of the “Upper and Lower Chassis” on the BLOODHOUND SSC. The Hampson (BHW) engineering team have converted the digital information into finished machined parts ready for the next stage, assembly.


Business Development Director of Jaivel, Barry Lomas said “It is fantastic being involved with an Iconic British project and as a “Product Sponsor” to the BLOODHOUND project we are also working with other sponsors from manufacturing facilities to achieve on-time delivery of components to the project”.

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