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Aerospace Manufacturing

We compress time to introduce new products
reduce the cost of manufacturing.

New Product Introduction (NPI)


Our RapidNPI solutions cover every step of the product realisation process within the Aerospace Manufacturing Organisation. With a key focus on speed; we offer one of the fastest New Product Introduction Solutions in the industry delivering you 

Globally Competitive Aerospace Manfuacturing

Machines & Equipment

Investment decisions made through our RapidNPIFramework ensures Optimum utilisation of capital to maximise return on the investment.

Manufacturing Process

The Best in Class process design harmonising machine, men and tooling interaction to achieve a robust and stable manufacturing output.

Quality Process

PFMEA, PPAP, APQP, Gauge R & R, Inspection Control Plans, In process inspection, AS9102 FAIR Documentation & Balloon Drawings

Design & Make of Tooling

We also have a Tooling business !
Our NPI & Tooling teams work together to deliver a robust tooling in compressed lead time.

Cutting Tools

We are brand neutral; We select and recommend cutting tools that perform the best for the highest techno economic performance.


Unlock the true power of your CNC machine. The Post-Processor plays the most important role utilising the CNC machine to the best of it’s ability.

Multi Axis CNC Programming

Milling, Turning, Turn-Mill, Grinding
On any given day hundreds of machines programmed by Jaivel are producing mission critical components.

CMM Programming

Inspection reports with full dimension tractability to balloon drawings to reduce decision making time and improve CMM machine productivity.


Digitally Simulated manufacturing processes, NC Programs and CMM Programs significantly reduce on-machine trial time.

Technical Documentation

Beautifully designed Operator Instructions(OI) and Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for improved productivity and Health & Safety.

On Site Proveout

On Site process implementation and machine prove-out ensure that every design and process intent is transferred to the working environment.

First Article Inspection(FAIR)

The true interpretation of inspection results and FAIR documentations ensure every client requirements are fulfilled to the maximum.

Rate Readiness

Going beyond the correct part, Optimisation of the Manufacturing process to ensure lean and efficient production of parts at required ship rate.

Year on Year Improvement

We are continuously reducing the cost of production by implementing advances in technologies.

Competitive Advantage

This is what everthing is about.
The relentless pursuit of the Project and Technical Excellence are a means to deliver you a

Manufacturing Cost Reduction


Technology that influences how we make things is advancing at a tremendous pace. We are very excited by the profit opportunity it presents. Particularly for the legacy programs that were engineered before these opportunities became real.

Process & Product Non-Conformance Diagnostics

Identifying the reasons for Non Conformity is often complex. We rationalise the non conformance history through our manufacturing insight combined with data and trend analysis to establish the root cause. Of course, what follows is the corrective actions resulting in a efficient and reliable process. 

Process Transfer & Standardisation

We offer end to end Solutions for the transfer of the Manufacturing Process within your plants anywhere in the world or in your supply chain. Also, the standardisation of the Product Realisation Process throughout your manufacturing plants and supply chain.

FMS & Lights Out Machining

Flexible Machining Systems are designed to deliver – Flexibility.
We offer unique solutions to implement & optimise your FMS platform and achieve the true benefits of Lights Out Machining .

Concurrent Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturability has gained a very high importance in today’s design process. With our deep insight in manufacturing, we offer collaborative engineering solutions to embed DFM principles within the design process.

Allow our manufacturing experts to work along with your design team to create a combination of exceptional and manufacturing friendly products.

DFM Analysis & Review

At times DFM proves to be a critical analysis which results in lower cost of manufacturing. We offer expertise and services to review your product design from the manufacturing point of you and perform Design For Manufacturability (DFM) Analysis.

Should Cost Analysis

Make informed decisions about the cost of the product you are designing. Our Should Cost Analysis solutions not only simulate the manufacturing process to estimate the cost, but also factors in technology & global supplier availability.



We apply our manufacturing insight and expertise in your product design and product procurement process.


We are inspired by the possibilities and opportunities technology offers. But we are not obsessed  by it, we optimise the combination of human intelligence and the use of technology to maximise techno-economic value for our clients, in every solution that we build.


People on your shop-floor who execute our process everyday are our real customers. Every solution is designed keeping your people in mind. We insist on every stakeholder to participate in PDR & CDR review gates to ensure that we take their experience and opinions on board.

Systems & Process

We ensure that, Systems & Processes: Our real solution are designed to make the use of technology intuitive for your people. We strive to deliver an Intelligent System & Process that exceeds the performance demand of Global Primes & OEMs.

Globally Competitive Aerospace Manufacturing

How will you benefit from our Manufacturing Engineering Solutions ? 

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