Major Contracts Won in 2011

Throughout 2011, Jaivel have secured a number of major contracts with Airbus, Rolls Royce, F1 OEM and other high profile organisations:

  • Airbus A350 – Fuel System, digital manufacturing processes and M.E.
  • Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 Programme – Jigs and Fixtures Design/Make package
  • F1 OEM LTA, digital manufacturing processes and M.E.
  • F1 OEM Supply Chain Support, digital manufacturing processes and M.E.
  • Medical Implants OEM – CAD support and Legacy Data Transfer
  • Medical Implants OEM – Design/Make tooling packages
  • Honda Business-Jet – Empennage, digital manufacturing processes and M.E.
  • SME Machining Facility (x3) – Business Transformation
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