Jaivel invests in latest software technology

Aerospace specialist ‘Engineering Solutions Provider’, Jaivel, has recently invested in the purchase of two market leading pieces of new software.

The first of which is SolidWorks – PDM Enterprise, which is currently in the implementation phase at each of the company’s three “Engineering Services” sites. New hardware has also been installed at the sites which includes the latest in server technology. Once fully integrated, it will provide all three Engineering facilities (one in the UK and two in India) with one common, secure, engineering platform.

Vipul Vachhani CEO of the company said:

“PDM Enterprise will enable our engineers to simultaneously work on projects, irrespective of their geographic location. Jaivel’s investment in PDM enterprises software will ensure the seamless execution of projects through a predefined workflow, resulting in greater reliability and on time delivery for the customer. It will also provide the platform which seamlessly integrates our customer’s external provider with their own in-house engineering team.

“The Second part of the investment is in “Vericut”, CG Tech Ltd has provided the Vericut software package which will enhance Jaivel’s NC program verification capabilities, generating significant spindle downtime saving for customers in the proving-out process of all Jaivel supplied programmes.

“This demonstrates our continued commitment to implement state of the art technologies and deliver the highest techno economic values to our customers”.

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