Growth in Global economic downturn

Jaivel, a leading Engineering Solutions provider in the UK Aerospace Market is experiencing a steady increase in demand for its services in spite of the economic downturn.

Jaivel, A leading engineering solutions provider in the UK aerospace market is experiencing a steady increase in demand for its services in spite of the economic downturn. While the management behind most UK aerospace machining companies struggles to maintain a steady, profitable workflow, they are hesitant in increasing or decreasing their levels of full-time permanent design and programming employees to meet the rise and fall in demand.

The Digital Manufacturing Solutions provided by Jaivel are successfully meeting the needs of these companies whilst also assisting with the skills retention within the organisations. On engaging the services of Jaivel, customers benefit by the utilisation of the Dual Shore facilities and the cost effectiveness therein, however, other additional benefits are experienced such as the reduction in capital expenditure of costly software and hardware, annual subscription charges, employee training and full-time permanent employment liability.

Jaivel provide a collaborative development platform, seamlessly integrating a dedicated engineering team with the customers own team and delivers its services through strategically placed development centres situated in the UK and India.

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