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Solutions Delivered For

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Aero-Structures in an aircraft represent a broad spectrum of materials and geometries. From very large aluminium structural parts to small as well as safety critical titanium parts. Usually required in large number per ship-set. We have developed production techniques for the entire spectrum of aircraft structural components, enhancing machining performance. Very high material removal rate & reduction in cutting tool consumption are key focuses.

Domain Expertise

  • Boeing: 787, 767, 737, 737Max
  • Airbus: A320, A350, A380, A320Neo, A400M
  • Embraer: KC390, E2, 195
  • Pilatus: PC24, PC12
  • HondaJet: HA420
  • Fuselage, Wing, Empanage Components New Product Introduction(NPI)
  • Design & Make of 20 mtr(65 ft) stringer inspection jig.
  • Optimisation of High Rate Manufacturing Process for Single-Aisle Aircraft.
  • Empennage Process Upgrade to New Design Revision.
  • Manufacturing Process Improvement for Wing Spar Machining.
  • 5 to 20% Reduction in Manufacturing Costs.
  • On or Before Time Delivery Performance.
  • Upto 30% Reduction in Non Recurring Costs.
  • Upto 11% Reduction in Consumable Costs.
  • Upto 23% Reduction in Capital Costs.
“JAIVEL have demonstrated the depth of their engineering knowledge throughout the Airbus A350 Project.They were extremely mobile in developing solutions to our technical problems.
As a result of their efforts,
the manufacturing process was made easier and execution became more structured and reliable.”
Managing Director, Aero Structures Tier 1 Company
“It would have been impossible for us to meet AIRBUS requirements
in such a short time frame without Jaivel’s support.
Whilst Jaivel has proven their depth knowledge and expertise,
they also surpassed our expectation of Speed.”
CEO, OEM Company
“Great example of Out of Box thinking.
Jaivel engineer’s Smart thinking backed by efficient execution has achieved
un-parallel economic value for us.
Well Done”
Program Director, Aircraft Manufacturing Company


Every part in an aircraft is to be made with stringent care, However manufacturing process requirements for engine components are even more stringent. It indeed is one of the most complex machines made by mankind. Engine manufacturers like Rolls-Royce trust Jaivel to provide the manufacturing engineering and tooling solutions for the modern jet engines. Our expertise has lead us to develop solutions for safety critical components like Casings, Blades, Blisks, Disks and Shafts.

Domain Expertise

  • Rolls-Royce: Trent XWB, 1000, 900, 800, 700, RB211
  • GE Aviation: CFM56
  • Pratt & Whitney: PT6
  • Snecma: Leap
  • ITP: Trent XWB, 1000, 900, 800, 700
  • Manufacturing Process Design for Engine Casings
  • Design & Make of Final Check ICY for Combustor Components
  • Legacy Components Inload Process
  • Fabrication & Welding Process Optimisation
  • Production Solutions for Pipe Manufacture
  • 9 to 14% Reduction in Manufacturing Costs
  • 19 to 47% Reduction in Engineering Costs
  • 3 to 6 months Reduction in Lead Time
  • On or Before Time Delivery Performance
  • 7 to 12 months of Return Of Investment
“On the back of successful pilot,
we had no hesitation to give such an important responsibility in hands of Jaivel.
Throughout the project Jaivel program management capabilities and responsiveness was
Head of Manufacturing Engineering, Aero Engine OEM Company
“Ingenious Engineering.
Jaivel has set a benchmark of performance
by solving one of the complex problem
our business has come across in last 40 years history.”
Head of Engineering, Engine Control Systems Company
“100% on time delivery
reliable engineering solutions
from Jaivel has keep this project on time and in budget.”
Site Director, Aero Engine Tier 1 Company

Actuation System

Modern Electro-Hydraulic aircraft actuation systems consist of the most intricately designed complex components like manifolds and pumps bodies. Manufacturing these parts requires robust and stable manufacturing processes to maintain sub 10µ tolerances and surface finishes. We have solved some of the most challenging production problems in this domain, like the implementation of  Flexible Machining Systems for Lights Out Machining of a large family of manifolds delivering a high integrity manufacturing process.

Domain Expertise

  • Boeing: 787, 777
  • Airbus: A350XWB
  • Rolls-Royce: Trent XWB, 1000, 900, 800
  • Pratt & Whitney: PT6
  • AgustaWestland: AW609
  • Pump Housing: NPI Process Design & Implementation
  • Actuator Bodies: Lights Out Machining on Flexible Machining System(FMS)
  • Actuator Bodies: EDM tooling Solution.
  • Piston & Sleeves: Production & Process Stability Solutions
  • Engine Control Actuator: Design & Make of Production & Inspection Tooling
  • 9 to 17% Reduction in Manufacturing Costs
  • 13 to 19% Reduction in Engineering Costs
  • Up to 3 months Reduction in Lead Time
  • On or Before Time Delivery Performance
  • 11 months of Return Of Investment
“First time Right!!
Great start of relationship with Jaivel.
We look forward developing this great start into long-term relationship and introduce Jaivel to our other business in USA and Asia.”
European Head of Manufacturing, Actuation Systems OEM Company
“Exceptional performance by Jaivel for the first project.
Jaivel team surpassed our expectation through
delivery of our demanding requirements of process stability
on time.”
Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Actuation Systems Company

Landing Gear

These are one of the most complex systems in any aircraft to manufacture. The size, Multiple Coordinate Systems, detailed features, interlinked relative tolerances make it a real challenge for manufacturing engineers. Our experience ranges from large commercial aircraft to regional, military and business jets. We have engineered solutions for the most sophisticated machines like WFL M120 – Turn-mill centres to multi gantry machines.

Domain Expertise

  • Airbus: A320, A350XWB
  • Embraer: KC-390
  • Alenia Aeronautica: C27J
  • BAE Systems: Hawk
  • SAAB: JAS39
  • Trunion: New Product Introduction
  • Chassis: Process Transfer & Efficiency Improvements
  • Cylinders: Process Transfer & Process Stability Improvement
  • Side Stay: New Product Introduction
  • Full Landing Gear System: DFM Design Review
  • 14 to 27% Reduction in Manufacturing Costs
  • 19 to 27% Reduction in Engineering Costs
  • 5 to 6 months Reduction in Lead Time
  • On or Before Time Delivery Performance
  • 7 to 16 months of Return Of Investment
“We have worked with Jaivel over 9 years,
Every time
they have delivered
reliable and on time services.”

Client General Manager, Embraer Tier 1 Company


We are proud of the fact that there are hundreds of satellite parts manufactured by Jaivel in orbit today. For more than a decade Jaivel has been preferred partner of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the manufacturing of critical satellite components like camera mountings and ultra high accuracy filters. One of the highlight of our domain expertise is our contribution in India’s Mars orbital mission.

Domain Expertise

  • INSAT 2 & C Series
  • Chandrayann- Moon Mission
  • Mars Orbiter Mission
  • Manufacturing of Mission Critical Components
  • Manufacturing of Ultra High Precision Satellite Mirror Mountings
  • Manufacturing of Ultra High Precision Satellite Camera Mountings
  • Manufacturing of Precision Passive Radio Frequency Components
  • Manufacturing of Satellite Passive Electronics Boxes & Housings

These parts are still in Space :
Doing exactly what it is made to do.

“Jaivel has been true partner in progress,
Jaivel team has never been too far for the next challenge.
Over past 2 decades,
We have witnessed a young company with lots of enthusiasm transform in to truly world-class Aerospace Manufacturing Domain Expert.”
Manufacturing Manger, Indian Space Research Organisation - ISRO

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