Bucking the Trend

It’s that time of year again when the business forecast for the future is the centre of everyone’s attention. At Jaivel we rely on the accuracy of this document for many things, one particular area is that of engineering resource.

To meet demand over the coming year as detailed in our forecast we can identify the possibility of a number of positions becoming available. These positions although not confirmed yet could include Manufacturing Engineers, CAD and CAM engineers, project managers and trainees. We have obtained the assistance of the emda funded career Chain Project whose objective is to support the retention and development of engineering and construction skills and people across the East Midlands.

Nikki Macpherson, Business Administrator of Jaivel, said: “Utilising this sort of service helps keep our employment costs down, utilises skills that otherwise may be lost to and provides employment and security for those who have been affected by the recession”.

Details can be obtained from www.careerchain.org.uk or discussed via 0845 6185089.

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