BSI Award Jaivel Europe AS9100 Accreditation

Earlier this year we reported that BSI had conducted the stage 1 audit for the coveted AS9100 accreditation; we successfully completed the audit achieving zero non conformances. In September 2010, at the end of the second and final stage audit BSI Auditor Steve Bursnall informed us that his recommendation to BSI would be positive.

We can now confirm we are in receipt of the certificate which will hang proudly on our office wall. We are a truly paperless business; everything is maintained electronically which is still very uncommon in the industry according to the BSI auditor.

We acknowledge the importance of getting our systems and processes right first time, also being all electronic permits us to immediately deploy the changes resulting from “Continuous Improvements” and deliver the benefits to our customers in the shortest possible time which is a great USP for Jaivel.

Our special thanks must go to Tec Transnationals Ltd and consultant Bob Bemand for his guidance and advice throughout the entire process.

2017-01-29T21:48:54+00:00September 25th, 2010|Press Release|

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