Jaivel CEO joins British Deputy Prime Minister Delegation to India

Mansfield, August 10, 2014Jaivel CEO and founder Vipul Vachhani joined Nick Clegg’s delegation to meet the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to boost exports. This was the first mission by the UK government to the newly elected Prime Minister.

Mr Vachhani also met representatives of the Department of Industry & Promotion. He visited Airbus and GKN in Bangalore and explored engineering issues facing the industry. There was a lot of interest in a UK-headquartered company of Indian origin, with an Indian-born British CEO.

India presents unique opportunities to British business and Jaivel is playing a major part in ensuring these opportunities are seized. Mr Vachhani is playing a leading role in helping UK companies boost cross country working.

He says that there is huge hidden potential for UK industry in India, with its highly educated and globally travelled workforce who have a clear understanding of carrying out business internationally.

This especially applies to engineering and India is producing tens of thousands of engineers every year who are tech savvy with fantastic analytical and design engineering capabilities, with excellent skills in use of CAD/CAM software and design systems.

The UK India Business Council, an organisation dedicated to enhancing trade between the two countries, approached Mr Vachhani and PWC to take part in a tour of five major UK cities (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle & Cardiff) in order to boost cross country working, focusing particularly on the challenges, cultural complexities and general engagement in carrying out business between the two countries.

More details of the DPM’s mission can be found at Deputy Prime Minister’s Delegation: Visit to India

About Jaivel Aerospace:

For Jaivel Aerospace, “Out of  The Box Thinking” is more than a cliché – It reflects our passion to push the boundaries of possible.

Jaivel Aerospace is an aerospace manufacturing firm that develops manufacturing technologies for structures, engines, actuation systems, landing gears as well as satellites. With its deep industry insight, Jaivel creates the best cost manufacturing solutions enabling clients to be Globally Competitive across aerospace manufacturing value streams. Jaivel’s Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering & Smart Tooling solutions leverages fresh design thinking and innovation to create an enriched User Experience and enhanced client’s profitability.

Jaivel Aerospace team’s relentless pursuit to simplify – cut through complexity to offer a solution everyone understands, has inspired the trust of Global 100 aerospace clients.

For more information, visit: jaivel.aero

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