Approaching the Runway

I am delighted to write the keynote for the first anniversary edition of our Newsletter. This has become a great vehicle to communicate the latest developments at Jaivel to every stake holder. I would like to congratulate Barry (Well, we know him as BAZ) for his pursuit in making TechnoVation a key communication tool. I also would like to thank the entire Jaivel Team for their dedication and smart work put in during the last year.

In March 2010, we completed our financial year 09-10, on rewinding the clock to the previous year; it was known to us that the twelve months ahead of us were going to be a challenging time, we had obvious choices in front of us, be cautious and ride out the recession or be proactive, make investments, develop capabilities and expand our footprint beyond the Midlands. We choose the second option!

Our approach triggered actions in multiple directions, the first one was to strengthen our internal systems and processes to make our delivery systems robust, as a result we are well on course to achieve AS9100 accreditation by mid 2010. The second one was investment in technology; we added Unigraphics NX and CATIA to our portfolio of software platforms. The third initiative was the appointment of a Business Development Manager in the North West Region, who started a solid foundation for expansion of our services in that region. In parallel internationally, we are in the final phase of market research in France & USA. I must say in spite of a recession all around us, last year has been one of most interesting years at Jaivel.

Going forward, we are very excited and well prepared to take on the opportunities in front of us as the economy recovers and we climb out of recession. As I often mention in our internal meetings, “We are in the last leg of taxiing and are now approaching the runway.

Vipul Vachhani, CEO Jaivel Europe Ltd

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