Jaivel Aerospace delivers 160 parts NPI to leading engine control systems’ company

Mansfield, November 11, 2013 – Jaivel Aerospace was awarded a contract by a leading engine controls systems company to support the introduction of 160 new parts into its manufacturing plant. There were three work packages: i) ultra-high accuracy turned components; ii) complex pumps and actuation bodies; and iii) a mix of these two.

The new parts comprised 140 pistons and sleeves for various control systems; and 20 parts for pumps and actuation systems. Jaivel’s work resulted in process stability of 99.3% for the new parts. It achieved this by re-thinking the problem, re-imagining the solution and re-setting the production process.

This work resulted in 33% reduction in capital expenditure and a reduction in lead-time from 24 to 14 months. It delivered a more robust and more reliable product quality. Previously the system required a lot of checking and adjustments by the operator. However Jaivel’s intervention made the process so stable and resilient that these interventions were no longer needed.

Vipul Vachhani, CEO and founder of Jaivel, said: “There is no such thing as an insoluble problem, whether this is related to engineering, cost or process. Using our extensive skills and experience, we were able to introduce 160 new parts into the production line, without loss of capacity or efficiency.”

A representative of the client summed up the project succinctly: ““Throughout the project Jaivel program management capabilities and responsiveness was remarkable.”

About Jaivel Aerospace:

For Jaivel Aerospace, “Out of  The Box Thinking” is more than a cliché – It reflects our passion to push the boundaries of possible.

Jaivel Aerospace is an aerospace manufacturing firm that develops manufacturing technologies for structures, engines, actuation systems, landing gears as well as satellites. With its deep industry insight, Jaivel creates the best cost manufacturing solutions enabling clients to be Globally Competitive across aerospace manufacturing value streams. Jaivel’s Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering & Smart Tooling solutions leverages fresh design thinking and innovation to create an enriched User Experience and enhanced client’s profitability.

Jaivel Aerospace team’s relentless pursuit to simplify – cut through complexity to offer a solution everyone understands, has inspired the trust of Global 100 aerospace clients.

For more information, visit: jaivel.aero

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