New Business Development Manager for North West Region

Jaivel have recently recruited a high-calibre Business Development Manager to develop their activities and Arospace customer base in the North-West region of England.

The successful candidate, Carl Squire, comes with a great pedigree. Born and bred in the region Carl’s knowledge of the aerospace community is excellent and his disciplined engineering machining and programming skills have been honed at local companies.

Jaivel’s short term business strategy is an aggressive one and having set a target to double last year’s order intake, the development of the customer base in the North West region is important to our success.

Jaivels’ Business Development Director Barry Lomas said “We are confident that Carl, with the assistance of our teams both in India and the UK will succeed in meeting not only our criteria but the needs and demands of the Aerospace cluster group in the region.”

Carl will have total responsibility for generating new business, developing existing relationships and managing the delivery of our Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services and Digital Manufacturing Solutions in the North West.

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