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Fixtures & Tooling

Aerospace Manufacturing

Redefining Manufacturing Operation Performance
by applying Innovative Ideas, Ergonomic Design
& Automation to make 
Jigs, Fixtures & Tooling Smarter.

Smart Jigs, Fixtures & Tooling


Fun to Use
Enhanced Productivity : A nice by-product

Globally Competitive Aerospace Manufacturing

Machining Fixtures

ICY Jigs & Inspection Fixtures

Assembly Jigs

Composite Tooling

Investment Casting Tooling

Ground Support Equipments


Fresh design thinking and inspired ideas to make tooling
Fun to Use

User Experience :  Matters the MOST

The purpose of technology and engineering is to enrich User Experience. Eliminating the mechanical tasks
through automation to maximise the user’s intellectual input in the manufacturing process. 

How will you benefit from our Smart Jigs, Fixtures & Tooling Solutions ? 

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